A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

7DRL declared failure--an experiment in CYOA design with procedural elements and permafailure. We hope to keep developing this and actually get a full or at least partial "season" of adventures done. We're grateful for any feedback.

7DRL began for us 5 PM Pacific Time on Sunday the 6th. Ended 6 PM Pacific on Sunday the 13th per daylight savings change. Code and external script (so also code, kinda) in this uploaded version unmodified since that time in vanilla labeled zip file. Any web version available will be similarly unmodified.

For consideration, as I do consider this a highly *incomplete* rogue-"lite":

Roguelike elements implemented: Character creation is entirely random; it's a matter of choosing 6 from 16 random characters or accepting a random 6.
Roguelike elements implemented (in theory, but not really showing up 'onscreen'): permafailure, mild mission randomizations such as item/location placements.

Play with MegaZeux game creation system, downloadable for most desktop/laptop OS's here: https://www.digitalmzx.com/megazeux.php


unfortunate-starship.zip 28 kB