Web version runs with the execllent Zeta x86 emulator.

Nota bene: While web emulation is awesome, you will probably still have a better time with desktop Zeta (my recommendation) or DoSBox. Install instructions for those are below.

Install instructions

Computer Dungeon Slash: ZZT (or CD/:ZZT) is a ZZT world and ZZT runs in DOS. I recommend desktop Zeta for anyone on Windows or willing to compile, because it is specialized for just this task, but DoSBox will do.

1. If you don't have ZZT, you can get it from Z2 or Museum of ZZT
2. Download CD/:ZZT below, at Museum of ZZT, or from Darganflayer.net
then, via Zeta x86 emulator:
3. Download Zeta here
4. Put all three into one directory and run Zeta.
or via DOSBox:
3. Download DOSBox here
4. Unzip ZZT and CD/:ZZT to the same directory and run ZZT with DOSBox per DoSBox instructions. Please set12k cycles for this ZZT world.


cdslash.zip 43 kB

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