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Find the GOLDEN & to save THE MANA TOWN from INSTABILITY. This is a roguelike in MegaZeux which pays pretty on-the-nose homage to ZZT. A few things will NOT work as expected if you're going just on ZZT experience.

Version in browser is now the post-7drl fix which fixes:
1. a number of false catches for bad generations (fewer regens artificially restart now)
2. UX issue with quitting the game voluntarily.
3. Some Softlocks and potential softlocks

Clarification for 7drl judges: There's a couple other very small things that might be in there "new":
The addition of the CP437 "spade" as a player character option
Maybe 2-3 sounds/sound things

But the three numbered above are the more significant changes. The post-fix version will remain as it was labeled for Tuesday the 16th in the early AM.

Downloadable versions are differentiated between 7drl version and fix.

For best experience, please use the standalone version for Win64 or (in the case of another OS) use the .MZX-only version with MegaZeux for your OS.

MegaZeux is a GPL-licensed game-creation system that runs on almost everything including HTML5. See for direct downloads including source-code.

Featured ZZT sounds, if/where applicable, under Reconstruction of ZZT license, see ROZ-LICE.txt included with downloads in the game folder.

Endgame 437 is not open-sourced: By KKairos, 2021. All rights reserved. However:

* May be distributed as-is (including this licensing text, unmodified) AND at no cost without express permission. Please ask the author expressly for any other distribution terms.

* Feel free to dissect this in the MegaZeux editor to learn how it works (or just for fun) and if you have questions about what I'm doing or reports of embarrassing typos or or bugs horrible code, you may send those to me.

If you really like this game, tips are appreciated but not necessary in the slightest.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Strategy
Tagsascii, Exploration, Fantasy, megazeux, Retro, Roguelike, Short, tactics
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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.MZX File and mzxrun.exe (Win64) - 7DRL 2 MB
.MZX File and mzxrun.exe (Win64) - Post-Fix 2 MB
Standalone .MZX File - 7DRL 271 kB
Standalone .MZX File - Post-Fix 270 kB


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Coming back to this game once again, and so I noticed there are no comments pointing out how F@&%ING AMAZING it is. I love this game. Thank you.


Thank you!
I like to think my 7DRL streak is at least somewhat entertaining.

(1 edit) (+1)

Megazeux Quest Complete!


game was stuck on creating areas for a LONG time. (may be a good idea to report the failure of the sanity check instead of simply restarting)

Agreed. I also want to fix the root issue the sanity check is designed for, although I plan to leave it in just in case (it's more specifically a "can the player technically complete the game with this map" check.)

(1 edit)

Hey, just an FYI that the post-fix version should address this issue by and large. If you end your current game and reload on the new version you should have a much better experience with the sanity check (it should only be failing about 3% of the time but it was failing a LOT more than that, I know.) An embarrassing error on my part. (For reasons involving me using default MZX savefiles, you'll want to die in your current run.)