Code lead: Zephyr

Graphics lead: KKairos

Sound lead: Zephyr

Music: ManEatingLion

Arrows for standard movement

Z jump

X attack (hold down while attacking in the air to down kick and pogo off enemies). Hold up while attacking to up slash)

SHIFT dash (when you can)

UP/DOWN climb (when you can)

Our apologies. The game is complete when you beat the boss in the panic room (lowermost room in the game.) But there's a lot of incomplete stuff about it.

External Assets

uses two publi domain sfx from . one fairly modified one unmodified.

standard 8x14 IBM(-ish?) CP437 font, pulled from MegaZeux CP437 default, both unmodified and blown up/outlined a bit


Download 37 MB
Download 39 MB


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WON. : P


I enjoyed this quite a bit! Solid fundamentals and good level design. 

A couple things with the main character (I’m a character animator so that’s what I focus on)

- the attack feels a bit slow, I think it should be quicker so it feels more responsive. A faster animation or just have the first frame of the attack be a “completed” swoosh, so it’s snappier.

- minor note - the idle animation - her feet aren’t flat on the ground, kinda floating on her tip toes. 

- I know this would be more post jam refinement, but having her head and arms swing when running would feel a little better 

But ya, I think the level design is great! Art style is good. Would’ve loved a map (not that it’s needed in its current length). Good job!

Sadly the `.exe` does not run with Wine on Linux!


DW, uploads are disabled for the jam duration, but we'll get you taken care of special.