Dodge things, grab things and hit things. Try not to die.

Now playable in browsers due to the tremendous effort of the MZX development team over many years, but on this score especially recently. One of whom also shouted out the emscripten dev team as needing a similar shout-out.

* If player frame loses focus/control, click on it to regain focus.

Default Controls:

MoveJumpAttack*Hold to change
direction without
*Quit Game!*

X is also used to struggle against an enemy/trap that has a hold of you. More complicated attack inputs than "X" are explained in game.

For more details and hints, read rd3manual.txt linked below (manual also included with the downloadable .MZX package.)

Your high score is stored locally, but I'd love to hear about it!

Kindly leave me a comment here, or elsewhere as you're able, with that or anything else you'd like to share.

Originally released in 2010 with the TurboSilver edition in 2011, this game was met with the following reactions from my fellow MegaZeuxers: "Very good" and "Too Hard", which I think sum it up well.

It got some good reactions outside the MZX scene, too including this from Porpentine on Rock, Paper, Shotgun: "a well-oiled dungeon death machine ... a fast-paced, full-featured platforming dungeon run, another fun little world full of gems and death." And this, from auntie pixelante (article out-of-print): "ruin diver III [...] is one of the most developed games i’ve ever played. it has a small cast of characters, but each of those characters interacts in ways i’m still discovering. the fact that the average game lasts only seconds – surviving a minute was a major achievement for me – just makes the experience feel that much more dense, more distilled."

If you want to "tip" me when downloading, you can, but this game has always been and will always be free as long as I can find a place to host it.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action
TagsArcade, jumping, megazeux, mzx, Procedural Generation, Singleplayer


Download 2 MB
rd3manual.txt 33 kB

Install instructions

The download provided above is an .MZX game-world file which will run on the newest version of MegaZeux for whichever platform you have it on. The newest version of MegaZeux for Windows 10, Mac OS X, and Debian/Ubuntu Linux is here.

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