A pit stop goes horribly wrong in this short, challenging sci-fi adventure.

* Multiple movement abilities and upgrades, including wall-jump, double-jump, and dash!
* Six original compositions and dozens of original sound effects!
* Three enemy types and a challenging boss battle!
* Four unique biomes to explore with original art! 
* Original, quirky story with a surprise ending!

Made for the Metroidvania Month 16 game jam with Team TGW: Zephyr, Michael Games, and TomKai. All assets made from May 15 2022 - June 15 2022

Playtime estimate: 30m-2h for a first play depending on your skill and completionism level.

Special Thanks: Signal, Wervyn, Lancer-X (tests/export help) one60hp (tests/export help), Francesco Ariis (export help)

Known issues in the web build: It's slow in bigger areas especially, but substantially better since 1.0. However, it's frozen at 1.0 until a stable Gamemaker Studio version fixes a current issue. But long story short, desktop/laptop builds are still recommended if you're able to use them.


Arrow keys to move
Z/Enter to select on menus
Z to jump, X to fire, SHIFT to dash

xBox 360 controllers should also work (unless for some reason they don't work like mine) with A - Jump, X - Fire, any trigger or bumper to dash, and left-analog or directional pad to move. Note that the bumper used to dash will *not* impact the direction of the dash.


Rest Stop 23 v1.1 (Linux) 32 MB
Rest Stop 23 v1.1 (Windows) 29 MB
Rest Stop 23 Big Map (SPOILERS!) 1 MB

Development log


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A very, very good game.

RS23 puts you in the shoes of Clare and what happens during an unfortunate fuel stop.

Graphics are both functional and very well drawn: the backgrounds evocative without distracting from the action, enemy sprites — some small, some big — each one exquisite and smooth.

Gameplay is metroidvaniaesque with a reminiscence of nethack: you will jump and avoid monster, avoid scary and dangerous spikes too, and save your progress at rest stops (no save: lost progress!). There are some power ups that will help you, collect them all (including each health powerup), as they will unlock different parts of the underground.

I will warn you that some parts are not easy and will take time and a mental map of where danger is (with the usual rule: die → rest stop). Map space which is btw very cleverly used, the world is so big yet so compact and cosy at the same time.

Minor bug: wall jumping between screen transitions sometimes does not work (takes multiple tries).

This is not “a very good jam game”, a “very good game” full stop! Congrats to the team.

I will add for GNU/Linux users: the Appimage woks fine on Debian!

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(In the interest of full disclosure, the user review above is of a build of v1.0 which will be released publicly when the jam is over. The vast majority of the gameplay is unchanged but we're excited to have some more polish/bugfixes available then and better performance especially on web and unix at that time.)

Yo, linux build please? ^_^


(or html5, this looks very interesting but runs like crap with Wine)


Thanks for your interest! I talked to Kkairos and he said we should have a Linux build this evening.


Yep! KKairos was being a bit optimistic, but hopefully only a bit--we're going to try again tomorrow with a Linux build for the final jam version 0.99!

No worries, I will savour this wait.

Aight. That's good, because we're running into more problems than anticipated. I know this is possible because I did it once, but it might be a day or two. Thanks in advance for your patience!

Worked perfectly for me in Wine 7.4.

wine-5.0.3 (Debian 5.0.3-3) here. I encountered some slowdowns in open areas.

Strange. Slackware64 14.2 on the computer I used. It has a 15 year old CPU. This might be one of the somewhat uncommon instances where Wine itself is at fault.