A pit stop goes horribly wrong in this short, challenging sci-fi adventure.

* Multiple movement abilities and upgrades, including wall-jump, double-jump, and dash!
* Six original compositions and dozens of original sound effects!
* Three enemy types and a challenging boss battle!
* Four unique biomes to explore with original art! 
* Original, quirky story with a surprise ending!

Made for the Metroidvania Month 16 game jam with Team TGW: Zephyr, Michael Games, and TomKai. All assets made from May 15 2022 - June 15 2022

Playtime estimate: 30m-2h for a first play depending on your skill and completionism level.

Special Thanks: Signal, Wervyn, Lancer-X (tests/export help) one60hp (tests/export help), Francesco Ariis (export help)

Known issues in the web build: It's slow in bigger areas especially, but substantially better since 1.0. However, it's frozen at 1.0 until a stable Gamemaker Studio version fixes a current issue. But long story short, desktop/laptop builds are still recommended if you're able to use them.


Arrow keys to move
Z/Enter to select on menus
Z to jump, X to fire, SHIFT to dash

xBox 360 controllers should also work (unless for some reason they don't work like mine) with A - Jump, X - Fire, any trigger or bumper to dash, and left-analog or directional pad to move. Note that the bumper used to dash will *not* impact the direction of the dash.

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Authorskkairos, Zephyr, Michael Games, Tomkai
Made withAseprite, GameMaker
Tags2D, Exploration, exploration-platformer, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Sci-fi, Short
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Rest Stop 23 v1.1 (Linux) 32 MB
Rest Stop 23 v1.1 (Windows) 29 MB
Rest Stop 23 Big Map (SPOILERS!) 1 MB

Development log


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great job. Nice responsive feel, good level design. Would’ve really liked a map though!

I definitely get what you mean--I'm not currently thinking that'll be happening for this game, but if you hadn't seen, we did make a full "image" map (mostly for fun) if you want one, and it should be available for download on the main page. Alas, it's not perfect, so if you want any help finding stuff, I'm happy help.

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oh nice I see that now. I think it’s just a big part of the Metroidvania enjoyment for me is opening a map and constantly plotting my route. No worries not implementing it here, just some feedback for any future Metroidvania projects!

edit: oh I guess I already mentioned that on missing cats haha. So u know my bias

FYI you may be following me on itch and have seen already, but the most "could use a map" game I've ever been involved in just came out and I should warn you that I've failed yet again to include a map, but I do have map on the list for the Super Metroidvania Month version later this summer, and would be jealous for your feedback on the current version, even though it is very much a prototype, it's at minimum met my expectations on audience reception so far.

Also, if you ever want to connect on discord you can find me on the MetroidVania Month discord pretty easily

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ah is it totems of the yonder? I'm not the one to ask, unfortunately i really dont like procedural generation :(

That's fine! Just wanted to let you know, though I know procgen isn't everyone's bag. Not sure what I'll be up to after Totems at this point, but I'll probably do something static again eventually :)


A very, very good game.

RS23 puts you in the shoes of Clare and what happens during an unfortunate fuel stop.

Graphics are both functional and very well drawn: the backgrounds evocative without distracting from the action, enemy sprites — some small, some big — each one exquisite and smooth.

Gameplay is metroidvaniaesque with a reminiscence of nethack: you will jump and avoid monster, avoid scary and dangerous spikes too, and save your progress at rest stops (no save: lost progress!). There are some power ups that will help you, collect them all (including each health powerup), as they will unlock different parts of the underground.

I will warn you that some parts are not easy and will take time and a mental map of where danger is (with the usual rule: die → rest stop). Map space which is btw very cleverly used, the world is so big yet so compact and cosy at the same time.

Minor bug: wall jumping between screen transitions sometimes does not work (takes multiple tries).

This is not “a very good jam game”, a “very good game” full stop! Congrats to the team.

I will add for GNU/Linux users: the Appimage woks fine on Debian!

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(In the interest of full disclosure, the user review above is of a build of v1.0 which will be released publicly when the jam is over. The vast majority of the gameplay is unchanged but we're excited to have some more polish/bugfixes available then and better performance especially on web and unix at that time.)

Yo, linux build please? ^_^


(or html5, this looks very interesting but runs like crap with Wine)


Thanks for your interest! I talked to Kkairos and he said we should have a Linux build this evening.


Yep! KKairos was being a bit optimistic, but hopefully only a bit--we're going to try again tomorrow with a Linux build for the final jam version 0.99!

No worries, I will savour this wait.

Aight. That's good, because we're running into more problems than anticipated. I know this is possible because I did it once, but it might be a day or two. Thanks in advance for your patience!

Worked perfectly for me in Wine 7.4.

wine-5.0.3 (Debian 5.0.3-3) here. I encountered some slowdowns in open areas.

Strange. Slackware64 14.2 on the computer I used. It has a 15 year old CPU. This might be one of the somewhat uncommon instances where Wine itself is at fault.