In settings you might see an issue if trying to change or load fullscreen, particularly on web--we recommend toggling with the Jump button if this happens.

Keyboard Controls:

Arrows/WASD: Move
Z/J: Jump
X/K: Shoot
Enter: Start, Pause/Map

Gamepad Controls:

D-Pad/Left-stick: move
X-Box/PS4 bottom button: Jump
X-Box/PS4 left button: Shoot
Start: Start, Pause/Map

"Your Ephemeral Gaze" is:

Coding: KKairos
Graphics: Zephyr
Music: Thud
SFX: Genjarkenjam
Level Design: 909crime

Required license information for Godot can be found included below (so as to be distributed "with the web build", and auto-included with each Desktop build.)

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorskkairos, Zephyr, Strange Graphics, Genjarkenjam, thoughdoo
TagsHand-drawn, Metroidvania, metroidvania-month


Download 132 MB
Download 133 MB
Required Godot Licenses Information 3 kB


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ANy kind of map would be great.
Also,loading times are jsut a bit too long for my taste.

That aside, good game, I just keep running in circles


just beat it. nice game, just have things laod faster :-)

Thanks! Load times do need some work. FYI There is a map. Press start/enter and it pops up. 


I gave this a playthrough if that's any curiosity to you.


Thank you!