A downloadable game for Windows

Dunk Tank is the hot new game show where your favorite characters from obscure ZZT and MegaZeux games (plus a couple others) try to avoid falling into a Dunk Tank as long as possible!

Warning: Mild edutainment and stuff-dodging awaits.

Thanks to the authors noted below who gave me permission to cameo things. (I mean KKairos is me. You know what I mean.)

Thanks to Bokonon_Lives for shouting DUNK TANK! for me.

Games featured:

Bubba's Bubbles - WiL
On a Distant Moon - Zephyr
Puzzle Depot - Otto Germain
Ruin Diver III: Turbo Silver Edition - kkairos
Weapon Hacker - Luke Rissacher
Yuki and the Space Show - Zephyr


dunktank.zip 3 MB

Install instructions

1. Download to computer (Windows only natively right now, sorry!)
2. Unzip to folder
3. Run dunktank.exe.

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