A downloadable game for Windows

A short fairy-tale in the pattern of Sleeping Beauty.

Press Z/J to jump and arrow keys or WASD to move.

Special thanks goes to a lot of people for moral support but especially (in this jam version) WiL for providing music and some important sounds, and Lancer-X for consult on a technical issue.

Patched twice, last at 6:51 AM my time, approximately 8 full minutes BEFORE jam submissions end. (Thx to maxim who noticed a thing last minute.)

Install instructions

For the "other" MZX World File: Unzip to its own directory in your MegaZeux library. Navigate to it as usual!

For the "standalone" release that uses the standalone "MZXRun" Windows 64 executable: Unzip to its own directory and run mzxrun.exe .

The nice news is MegaZeux runs on everything, so the standalone MZX world/game file should work with effectively any platform MegaZeux will run on.


.MZX and MZXRun 64-bit for Windows 13 MB
Standalone .MZX World 10 MB


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Knitty platfromance. Challenging and rewarding, I liked it!

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Thank you!

Knytt was definitely part of my inspiration here!